Our Values


Manaakitanga – for everyone to be treated with honesty, integrity, humility and kindess


Ako – the relationship between tamariki and kaiako are valued as equal, both bring valued knowledge to learning. Ako enables building caring and inclusive learning communities as each person feels their contribution is valued and they can be motivated to participate to their full potential


Maramatanga – the value of maramatanga embraces understanding, acceptance and insight. Learning about each individual and seeing them as equal, treating them fairly, respecting and understanding that where they come from shapes who they are


Mauri – the essence of life. The value of Mauri signifies the source of emotions, essential quality and vitality of a being. It encompasses holistic development as we embrace the thinking, knowledge, culture and language as key aspects that form each individual human being


Aroha – typically known as ‘love’, aroha embraces love, compassion, empathy, nurturing and kindness which are all vital aspects of our day to day practices, providing a safe, warm and caring environment for everyone at Mamma Bear


Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is built on care, love and nurture which we believe are the key ingredients in supporting children to feel safe and confident to explore and learn with us.

The relationships that we build with both children and their wider family are the foundation for each child’s learning journey with us.  Our curriculum (Te Whaariki) will include aspirations which parents have for their little ones and we welcome parent input into our programme.

All children at Mamma Bear will be trusted and respected to be the initiators of their learning and will be guided with supportive teachers every step of the way, developing true confident learners who have a strong sense of self.  We believe in fostering children’s independence and we do this by allowing children time and opportunities to explore and solve problems themselves.

We will create a consistent and predictable environment for our children which will make them feel secure.  Our daily rituals will give children a sense of ownership over their day and will support them to feel safe and secure in our home away from home.

We are proud to be a community-based service, offering high-quality education and care at a low cost, in order to support our local community.`